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2020 Goals for In My Teacup Today

Happy New Year! Happy 2020! A whole new year! A whole new decade!
January always gets me into a reflecting sort of a mood, so I thought I would start off this decade by sharing some of my favourite tea photos from the past, and then kick-starting this new year by making a list of goals for me to look forward to working on in 2020!

A new year. A new decade. What will 2020 bring?

Achieve 5,000 Blog Views + 50 Blog Followers + 500 Twitter and Instagram Followers
I try not to get too bothered by the social media numbers, but there are a few milestones I have really wanted to hit for a while, so I am going to make the push to get my numbers up this year! Help me out by following me on Instagram and Twitter, and if you haven’t already, please hit the follow button on the side of this blog to up my viewership here! All my love to you for this!!!

Make 10 YouTube Videos
I love making videos and while In My Teacup Today is primarily a blog, I also hope to add in the occasional piece of video content here too! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what tea-based content that I will come up with this year!!

Publish 50 Blog Posts
1 post a week… easy! Okay, perhaps easier said than done! My mental health can sometimes be a little on the poorly side – hence why I enjoy the calming ritual of tea so much – and it often makes my creativity, and productivity suffer… so, I really hope I can hit this goal this year!

Attend 10 Afternoon Teas
Who doesn’t love an Afternoon Tea? It is the epitome of all the small pleasures that I enjoy in life. Enjoying the company of someone I love, eating sweet treats, and taking a moment out of the busy world to immerse myself in the ritual of tea.

Attend 1 Tea-Based Event
Last year it was an excellent tea workshop at T2, this year… we will just have to wait and see! I want to make sure that I can get myself out into the big wide world of tea more often, and see what adventures are waiting to be had! If you know of anything in the Edinburgh (or a little further afield) area, do let me know down in the comments below!

Create 5 Tea Illustrations
Over on my art page, you can read all about my artist’s goals for 2020, and in there I talk a lot about wanting to make more art! A simple goal in writing, but harder when put into practice. So, I am extending that goal into my love for tea by tasking myself to create 5 illustrations specifically inspired by the wonderfulness that is tea!

Create 3 Tea Craft DIYs
Similar to the goal above, I want to increase my creativity this year, and I want to share that creativity with you! Stay tuned to see a few tea-based craft tutorials coming up on this blog oh so soon!

Create a Self-Published Recipes Zine
Another creative goal, this time focusing on the alchemy of mixing tea – something I have really wanted to get into for a long time, and hopefully, if all goes well… you will see my experiments in a recipes zine by the end of 2020!


Let’s make 2020 the year of tea!!!


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