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Teavent 2018: TeaRevv Day 15 Coffee Lover

“COFFEE LOVER: So you’re from the dark side… We are the movement of the tea revolution but we have to entice you Quad Grande, non-fat, extra-hot Caramel Macchiato upside-down coffee lovers over somehow. Try this 3 year aged Puerh with cocoa beans, green coffee beans and ground coffee. We are sure you’ll see the light!” [source

In my teacup today is my fifteenth day of Christmas teas from TeaRevv. Today’s selection is Coffee Lover. This was the blend I was completely dreading! There was no way that I was going to be able to be objective about this tea because I really dislike coffee. Scratch that, I hate coffee. There are very few flavours, and foods, that I really dislike to the point of hatred, and generally I am really open to new tastes, and exciting delicacies, but sadly coffee is just not one of them.
For today, I have removed my star ratings, as it is simply unfair for me to rate a tea I cannot help but dislike. Of course, I did try it, as there is always a chance I would not hate it… I brewed it up in my lovely Sherlock mug, tried to ignore the strong coffee scents that would be delightful to some, but for me were torturous, and sipped at the heady brew… sorry! I just really do not like coffee!
I have tasted many a tea, and have an established context in which to situate all the teas that I sample, but that is not the case with coffee. I think this tea would be more at place in a coffee blog!
This one was not for me, but is a perfect brew for all coffee lovers… check it out if you are a member of the dark side!!!

Coffee Lovers from TeaRevv is the perfect brew to convert ya’ll jittery coffee loving folk over from the dark side to this delightful world of tea! Get your conversion therapy tea here.

Winter is here. But fear not. Defrost those hands kick back relax with Tea 24.  24 seasonal loose leaf tea blends! Each sachet has its own winter illustration packaged in a beautifully designed box. All designs produced in-house. Each sachet contains enough tea for two cups or one large mug. Brewing advice on front of sachets.
– Get your TeaRevv Advent Calendar here.

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