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Wallowing & Eggnog: A T2 Bespoke Blending Event

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will have probably noticed my love for T2 Tea pop up on a number of occasions, so I jumped at the chance to attend a bespoke blending event in their Birmingham store

Join us for an evening of exclusive brews and blends! Explore the stories of a T2 Christmas, and create your own. This Christmas, give the gift of personalisation, or keep it for yourself! We would! At these exclusive events, blend your very own bespoke Christmas tea! Blend up a tea that suits your personality, or blend one up for the character in your life as a beautiful gift…. the choices are endless and entirely up to you!” [source]

This festive blending event was a fantastic experience! Not only did we get to taste lots, and lots of tea (as well as taking lots home!) but I gained so much knowledge that has inspired me on my tea learning journey…

My wonderful partner, Stuart, accompanied me on this tea adventure, which, much to his delight, started with ice-cream! This event took place after shop hours, and the staff were a little late in closing up, and had not had the chance to fully prepare for our arrival, so gifted us with delicious ice cream from Pan-n-Ice (review of these guys coming soon as I believe they do a matcha flavoured ice-cream roll!!) while we waited. I will admit that I was not bothered at all by their lateness, as it gave us a chance to nosey around the shop!! but this attention to detail really added to the richness of the whole experience.

There were just 5 participants at this event, giving the atmosphere an intimate feel, and the perfect group size to huddle around the brew bar. How does one acquire a brew bar? I feel like that is what my house is currently missing!! Stuart, can we have a brew bar?!
We watched as expert tea brewers created hot brews, cold iced teas, frothing milky latteas, and original blended concoctions! We tried so many teas that you would scrolling forever to read through them all, so I have kept a note of them, and will review them in separate posts in the future (hit the little subscribe button on the right hand side of this post so you don’t miss out on any of my posts).
Some of my favourite samplings from the night were the latteas. I love a lattea, but never really make them at home as I felt like I did not have all the proper equipment, but little did I know that I could create these luscious tea bubbles with ease…
… and in this frothiness I learned about wallowing – which is perhaps my new favourite tea-making technique!!
Tea is brewed with milk, and is then poured from teapot to teapot in as a high a stream as possible, back and forth, until frothy bubbles start to foam up from the tea. Essentially the analogue way of making a tea latte.

This little video features a montage of clips from our blending adventures, but if you skip to 2:15 you’ll be able to see a clip of Stuart in action! showing off his wallowing skills!!

After filling up on so many varieties of tea – or um… varieteas… sorry… I’ll get my coat –  we moved on to the blending portion of this blending event! The instructions were simple, use equal parts of the two base teas that compliment your tea type – Herbal, Spicy, or Dessert – and then mix them with additional flavours of your choice. I picked Herbal as my type of tea, so the suggested bases were Beauty Queen and Liquorice Legs. After adding enough of the base ingredients, it was time to get creative! and we added pinches, scoops, and bowlfuls of our desired flavours from the little dishes that matched up with our chosen tea type. I went for a lot of rose! and complimented that with raspberry flavours, and just a hint of chocolate. It all sounds good on paper… but you will have to stay tuned for next time where I will be reviewing my blended tea: Raspberry Rose, and Stuart’s blended tea: Toffeepocalypse!!
I really enjoyed making up my own tea, and it has made me really excited to start getting creative with my own tea cupboard… I will soon become a tea alchemist!

Our evening ended with another surprise treat! as we were gifted with a bag full of goodies to enjoy…

Little touches like this really added to making the evening special, so, thank you T2!!

And on a more personal note, Stuart also bought be a bag full of tea delights…

Thank you Stuart! I will add all of these teas to my review list, and I am already excited to sample them all with my adorable new tea-making paraphernalia! I am mostly looking forward to making my own Who Stole the Eggnog? lattea, as that is one of the blends we sampled on the night. It was delicious by itself, but even more so when frothed up into a lattea, with a lashing of honey to sweeten. I will of course we writing a review all about this charming festive tea!! Stay tuned…


This event was brilliant from start to finish. We were in good company with our intimate group, surrounded by boxes and boxes of tantalising teas in a relaxing atmosphere, made to feel so welcome by really friendly, and wonderfully knowledgeable, and passionate staff, supplied with as much tea as we wanted, no request was too much to ask, with a whole host of added extras to make us all feel special, and of course… delicious tea!


Enjoyment ★★★★★
Event Content ★★★★★
Atmosphere ★★★★★
Staff ★★★★★
Value for Money ★★★★★
Group Size ★★★★★



Want to know when the next T2 blending event is coming up? Make sure to join the T2 Tea Society for updates, as well as discounts, free gift-wrapping, and a special tea treat on your Birthday!! I am really looking forward to the Matcha event coming up in January… and hope that I don’t miss it!!

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