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A Nighttime Treat: Clipper Tea Snore & Peace Review

Organic chamomile, lemon balm and lavender infusion. Just the thing before lights out.” [source]


In my teacup today is the Snore & Peace Infusion from Clipper Teas. This review was requested by the wonderful Casey Bee, and I am glad she did as it is a beautiful tea!
One thing I really love about Clipper Teas are the cute illustrations that decorate all of their packaging, and really enhance the bliss in the tea-making experience. As soon as you tear open the individually wrapped envelopes the smell of spearmint mixed with chamomile hits you, and is only intensified upon brewing. I really enjoyed everything about this tea. The main ingredients are signposted as chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender, for me, the main flavour profile was that of chamomile, and spearmint, with just a light hint of lavender in the aftertaste. I did not taste the lemon balm really at all, but nevertheless, this infusion is truly lovely.

Snore & Peace from Clipper Teas is a delicious infusion, with strong flavours, and aromas of chamomile, and spearmint, with just a hint of soft lavender. A perfect tea to send you off into peaceful dreamland. Satisfy your pre-nap cravings here.


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