Tea Reviews

The Flowering Dragon: A Golden Monkey Tea Company Review

Light lavender notes wind their way through a floral bouquet and provide some depth and body to this early season green tea.” [source]


In my teacup today is a beautiful flowering tea from The Golden Monkey Tea Company called Dragon Flowers. This mild green tea is flavoured with a delicious array of floral notes, with lavender, and chamomile standing out. The complete tea has quite a mild flavour, and is almost verging on a weak liquor. What it lacks in strong flavours, this tea makes up for in beauty. In the video below you can see the ball of stitched tea leaves, and flower petals unfurl in the hot water, and brew into a stunning garden within the teapot…

Unfortunately Dragon Flowers is unavailable on the website, but The Golden Monkey Tea Company does stock a range of other flower teas, get yours here.

Dragon Flowers Tea from The Golden Monkey Tea Company is a mildly flavoured green tea, with lightly aromatic floral notes. The stand out feature of this tea is the beauty seen in it’s journey from tea ball to blooming flower in it’s hot water garden.


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