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Teatime with Panda: A Golden Monkey Tea Company Review

Keemun Panda #1 is a renound Chinese black tea for its highly aromatic and penetrating character, with rich wine and fruity tones. It boasts of depth and complexity galore. Keemun is traditionally used in English Breakfast blends to deepen the body and has long been a favourite for our British tea lovers.” [source]

In my teacup today is the Keemun Panda tea from The Golden Monkey Tea Company. This tea is not dissimilar to an English Breakfast blend, but is a much stronger tea, with a fuller body. Keemun Panda tea is the best known of China black teas, and it originates from the Qimen region. It is a difficult tea to work with, and only very skilled tea-makers are able to craft these troublesome leaves into teas, without breaking them. Tea-drinkers are rewarded by their skills with this rich tea, that takes on a mellow red wine flavour. It is traditionally served with a splash of milk, but can also be taken black, which is my preference. This Golden Monkey tea was beautifully aromatic, and had the most stunning golden colour… it certainly made my little panda happy!

Keemun Panda tea from The Golden Monkey Tea Company is a robust, flavoursome tea, with strong notes of wine with a sweet fruity undercurrent. The golden colours will mesmerise you, while the heady scents relax all your senses. Tickle your panda craving here.


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