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Blue Flowers & Vanilla: A Suki Teas & Patisserie Valerie Review

It’s peak time, and we were just lucky enough to snag a table by the window. Outside people are bustling about, busily shopping, working, and being human. A moment of calm settles around our table as our waitress brings a tray of sweet scented tea, and a sumptuous slice of cake…

An exciting classic, big flavoured earl grey tea – hand blended at Suki HQ, our Champion of Champions and one of the best Earl Grey teas around!” [source]

Suki Teas’ Earl Grey Blue Flowers is a delicious full-bodied blend, with light floral notes, and citrus tang. It reminds me of the Red Box tea I sampled earlier this month, but it has a slightly bitter aftertaste that the other did not. Perhaps this tea had been stewed a little too long?
Luckily for me this tea was served alongside a delectable slice of mille-feuille from Patesserie Valerie, which was a sticky sweet of luscious creamy vanilla, with the perfect levelling of flaky pastry. Bliss.

The Earl Grey Blue Flowers blend from Suki Teas is an Earl Grey that brings a delicate floral edge to it’s competition, and although a little bitter for some palettes, is a robust blend with beautiful hues of blue. Taste yours here...


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