Tea Reviews

The Breakfast of Magpies

Heads still pounding with the sounds from the night before, clothes slightly soggy from the rain outside, and eyes still powdered with sleepdust we settled down at our table in The Two Magpies Cafe with great relief. A delectable array of sweet breakfast food, and a steaming pot of breakfast tea was all I needed to recover from a night of dancing and singing along to The Dresden Dolls…

The Two Magpies Cafe English Breakfast Tea was a beautiful malty tea, for me served with a splash of milk, and the slight citrus notes accompanied my fruity platter of french toast perfectly.

If you need to shelter from the rain somewhere with calming decor, comfy seats, and fantastic breakfasts, The Two Magpies Cafe is the place for you! Combine that with an array of heavenly teas and you’ll be in bliss! Check out The Two Magpies now.




    1. Yes!! At the moment I’m just building up content with the teas that I have, but I intend to start popping out polls, and suggestion box types posts very soon!!! But if you have any suggestions now… I’m happy to take your tea tips?! 😋


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