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Jasmine Petals & Matcha Cake: A Twinings Tea & Dobbies Garden Centre Review

We have just sat down after an exciting morning marvelling at our beautiful feathered friends at The Scottish Owl Centre, and a moment of calm enters the air as I pour steaming hot water over the delicious pearls encased in a pyramid of silk…

These delicate Jasmine Pearls are the result of light green tea layered with Jasmine flowers, to create the perfect balance of flavour. The camomile flowers & rose petals add soft floral notes to the blend.” [source]

Twinings Jasmine Petals and Pearls is a crisp green tea with a sumptuous floral profile. The jasmine is fragrant, and adds a strong depth to the tea. The calmomile flowers, and rose petals add a colourful artistry to the transparent teabag as the bloom around the unfurling green tea pearls, while providing a subtle sweetness that balances out the green tea leaves.
For me, this tea was served alongside a scrumptious green matcha tea and raspberry sponge cake at Dobbies Garden Centre. This sweet, sticky cake, with it’s earthy base from the matcha was a perfect compliment to my aromatic floral tea.

Twinings Jasmine Petals and Pearls is a delectable floral green tea, with a soft fragrance, and sweet flavour that provides a perfect moment of relaxation as the flowers bloom and unfurl before your eyes. Indulge in this tea now.


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