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Cakes & Roses: An Eteaket Review

I’m sitting outside in the crisp sunshine, enjoying watching people bustle around on the busy streets of Edinburgh. Before me, a rose is blossoming inside a teapot…

Premium green tea & rose petals expertley sewn & crafted together by an artisan skilled in ancient craft. When steeped in hot water, they produce the most fascinating formations.” [source]

I really enjoy theatre with my tea, and watching a blossoming bundle of leaves is a perfect form of entertainment to relax the senses. Combine that with the ritual of pouring the tea, wrapping my fingers around the teacup handle, and delightedly sipping at the steaming contents is devine.

Rose Flower Blossom from Eteaket is a beautiful unfermented green tea with fragrant rose petals which add a mellow sweetness to the tea. It is served in a clear plastic (my only issue with today’s experience, as the scratched plastic was unappetising, and made the beauty within a little harder to enjoy) teapot, and for me, with a delicious slice of Victoria sponge cake… scrumptious!


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