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Weird Soup: A Benugo Elderflower and Lemon Tea Review

Wandering around the National Museum of Scotland is best followed up with sitting on the Chambers Street steps with your best friend and a warming brew… sadly Benugo‘s Elderflower and Lemon tea was not up to the challenge!

Benugo Elderflower and Lemon (1)

I love both elderflower, and lemon, and figured they would work beautifully together in a tea blend… but not in this case.
First off, paper cup’s are not my container of choice but the cafe was closing, and it was takeaway tea or no tea. Secondly the tea bag was one of those bizarre long ones which seem like a good idea but are really just a waste of material, and the moisture from the tea seeps up the sides and makes for wet fingers. The contents of the teabag looked like a weird soup mixture. Lastly, but most importantly, the taste was somewhere short of disgusting. A mix of strange herbs I struggled to place, as well as being over-stewed and bitter.

In short, not my favourite tea experience, and I would not recommend it to anyone!


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