Tea Reviews

Double Bubble Tea!

This throwback Thursday goes back to Edinburgh during Fringe time, where I spent the day soaking up the sunshine, reading the Fringe book, and enjoying two bubble teas in one day!

Two Bubbles - Chatime and Adorable Bubble (5)

The first was a mango fruit tea with lychee boba from AdoraBubble Tea. A fresh fruit syrup sweetens the cold green tea base, and is complimented with fruit juice filled pearls that burst in the mouth, bubble tea is one of my favourite obsessions. AdoraBubble don’t offer a lot of customisation options for the teas, so mine ended up being a little sweeter than I would usually like. However, the creamy mango flavour was beautiful and perfect for a warm summer day, and when combined with the lychee bubbles was just perfect.
Pop into Waverly Mall next time you’re in Edinburgh to get your bubble tea fix!


The second was a lychee fruit tea with lychee jellies from Chatime. Chatime is a specielist in serving traditional Taiwanese bubble tea, and I really enjoyed being able to customise my tea. I selected a green tea base, with less sugar, less ice, and topped it with odd cubes of lychee jelly. Lychee is my favourite flavour of tea, and this one lived up to my expectations, and as I had customised it to suit my tastes, it was perfect. The lychee jellies were something I had not tried before, and while they were a little hard to suck up the straw, they were quite pleasant. A little chewy, but were kind of like being able to enjoy gummy candy for adults!!
Next time you’re in Edinburgh, wander down The Mound for fantastic bubble tea made to your specifications!




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