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An Adventure to the Thomas Oken Tearooms in Warwick

While day-tripping through to Warwick, to visit the famous castle, we stumbled across this beautiful tea-room on our journey… and of course we just had to pop in!

Thomas Oken Tearooms Warwick (9)

Set in the small historic town of Warwick, against the Castle wall, this beautiful old house was built over 500 years ago by Thomas Oken, a wealthy and philanthropic merchant and Mayor of the town. Nowadays we are a quintessential English tea rooms serving a whole range of hot and cold refreshments, including our renowned Cream Teas and Afternoon Teas, served with a choice of over 30 fine loose leaf teas.” [source]

Thomas Oken Tearooms Warwick (1)

We both went for the classic Warwick Cream Tea, featuring a massive homemade scone (fruit for me, plain for Stuart) with thick clotted cream, sweet strawberry jam, and of course a pot of tea!

I went for a classic English Breakfast Tea as the perfect accompaniment to my scone. This blend had strong Assam notes, which provided the warm, malty body I needed to warm up my body from walking around the town in the Autumnal chill, and taken with a splash of milk was a perfect example of a traditional black tea.

Thomas Oken Tearooms Warwick (5)

Pop along to the Thomas Oken Tearooms if you fancy sitting in a cutesy cafe that feels a little like the homeliness of your Gran’s front room. Enjoy an expansive menu, and be sure to check out the tempting treats on the cake trolley. An impressive array of teas will be sure to warm you after wandering the quaint streets of Warwick…

Want to enjoy the tea I talked about here, but can’t make it out to Warwick? Fret not! you can buy this tea, along with the other blends served in the tea-rooms, on the Thomas Oken Tearooms Website.


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