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Hibiscus Flowers from the Golden Monkey

Today I am tasting a delightful tea from the Golden Monkey Tea Co. whose beautiful shop I was lucky to visit while day-tripping to Warwick Castle. While I was there I picked up a variety of tasty teas to sample…

Golden Monkey (1)

Today’s blend of choice is Cut Hibiscus Flowers.

“Hibiscus tea is a herbal tisane made from the dried, vibrantly coloured calyces of the hibiscus flower. Known for its thirst quenching properties, it is enjoyed all over the world as a cold and hot infusion often sweetened with sugar. It is not just an uplifting drink, research has shown that hibiscus can lower blood pressure, is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.” [source]

Golden Monkey Hibiscus Flowers (3)

Hibiscus tea is touted at providing a myriad of health benefits, although many of these are not scientifically backed up. However, scientific research does suggest that there is a small benefit to those with slightly high blood pressure [source], and there are no doubts that it is high in Vitamin C! so, it is still a beautifully beneficial tea when drunk in moderation.

This blend from the Golden Monkey Tea Co. was a little bitter for my palette. I dislike adding sugar my tea, so decided to pop a few very sweet winter blackberries in with my brew to sweeten it…

Golden Monkey Hibiscus Flowers (8)

… which very much did the trick! Hibiscus tea has a berry-like flavour to it anyway, so these blackberries were a perfect compliment.

I will not be adding this tea to my everyday favourites, but as a healthy herbal tisane, it was a lovely sour boosting tea. I must also note how stunning the colour of this tea was, the red was quite mesmerising, as was the deliciously fruity aroma.

I would recommend this tea for when you need an uplifting, sour kick to your tastebuds. Get yours here.


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